Monday, 11 April 2011

Trainee of the Week!

Hello Martyn! What are you doing in Tampere and the Dream Hostel? 
I came to Finland in pursuit of happiness and am still looking for it. I'm also studying Finnish at the local college and as part of the course I had to find a local Finnish company in which I could attend a trainee-ship with. 

What made you to apply to us?
- I knew about Dream Hostel after I was dumped by plane from England and needed a place to stay.

Greaaaat... What's the best thing about the hostel?
- It has to be the wonderful FREE tea and coffee and then the customers... 

- Oh and maybe the staff who are extremely friendly.

Well done! You can stop polishing my shoes now. What are you doing in your life when you are not hanging around here?
- I like playing guitar and writing rap songs.

I bet you do... Could you recommend any places in Tampere?
Kahvilla is probably my favourite hangout in Tampere. Great people and a good selection of beers, also who doesn't like playing with lego?! In the summer I love to go to Pyynikki Beach to play volleyball!

And off he goes, our Martyn. Keep an eye on him tho, soon-to-be an international rap star :p


  1. I dont believe him, he said the plane left him. i think he jumped from the plane before it landed. By the way when is he preforming his rap songs at the hostel?

  2. Martyn was great taking us around and suggesting spots in Tampere! ! That was my sister and her friend's first time in a hostel and they loved it! They are still raving about it! We all agree Martyn should stop wearing his hat and show his hair! We love gingers, lol!