Monday, 9 July 2012

Busy Wednesday

We have been listening to you again, our dear guests! There's been a lot of feedback about lack of reading lights, so it was time to hit the shops. Mr. Ville and our hardworking trainees had a busy day last Wednesday and now almost every single bed has a reading light! How cool is that?
A good example of a hardworking trainee.
...And another one! Aren't we lucky?
Maybe the last dorm will get its upgrade done next Wednesday!?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Summer fests!

Lumous Gothic Festival started couple of days ago and yesterday was a pre-club at Dog's Home (few mins walk from the hostel) with Tampere's own boys IMPAKT! playing an awesome gig! It's not too late to join tonight's party at Klubi (also 2mins walk from the hostel)!
IMPAKT! @ Dog's Home.

Next week Tammerfest hits the city with various gigs, standup and even a cruise! Lots of fun happening from Wednesday til Sunday. 

We still have few beds left in dormitories, so you better book your accommodation quick!