Sunday, 20 May 2012

On holiday until June

Dream Hostel went to the Faroes.
Dream Hostel blog is holidaying in amazing Faroe Islands and Iceland and will return in June. I'm currently staying in one of the most beautiful hostels in the world, Dalvik Hostel. Worth staying here while travelling in North Iceland, and this is not a paid advertisement :D

Guys back at the hostel are updating Facebook regularly, so you better check out what they are up to in Tampere!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dream Team goes to Sicily

Dream Team had few days to relax in beautiful Sicily couple of weeks back. Three words to describe our small holiday in Trapani were cappuccino, gelato and food. What else could we have possible wished for?
A Babordo B&B.
We stayed at A Babordo B&B, had a nice breakfast every morning and were ready to explore Trapani and its beautiful surroundings. The sun was shining most of the time and quiet narrow streets of Erice were outstanding!
Gelato, breakfast and wine.
Extra kilos were not carried in the luggage...
"Ville and his wives" enjoying nice food, wine and the sun.
Happy Vappu everybody! It's business as usual at the Dream Hostel, maybe a funny hat or two can be seen...