Thursday, 28 April 2011

Dream Team: Sara

Heyyyy, who are you?
I'm Sara, youngest of the regular bunch though still having an age crisis and turning 21 every year.

Sounds good :D And how did you end up working at the Dream Hostel?
I have been working at the hostel since day 1. I have heard that the only reason why I was employed at the first place was that Ville (the owner) found me that annoyingly persistent that he really didn't have a choice. ..Obviously all lies.

Obviously! What's the best thing about the hostel?

Mmmm...? Well I guess the fact that you can freely be yourself, have a giggle with our guests and help them with whatever is on their minds. Damn, you should see my google history! And the staff of course, our big lovable family. Great laughs!

Awwww, we are cute, aren't we? What are you doing in your freetime?
Most of the time you can find me from the hostel, especially when I am not on shift. Other than that I am just about to finish my degree at the University. Oh, and is it possible to be a travel addict? That would explain a lot. ..Or at least the balance of my bank account.

Tell me about it... What's your favourite place in Tampere?
Love to check out new places but Café Europa just has it all: great salads, massive toasts, djs every Saturday evening, comfy sofas, laid back atmosphere and happy hours during the week. What else could you possibly need?!

Free tea and coffee, I'd say! But off she goes to check her bank balance, our giggling Sara!

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