Monday, 4 April 2011

1-Year Anniversary Party, pt. 1

Delicious cakes, fresh-baked baguettes, sangria Dream Hostel style, the best boogie tunes by awesome Futuristics DJ's, birthday hats and party whistles; that's how we celebrated our 1-year anniversary! Here's some pics from preparations:

Family dinner Dream Hostel style.
Thanks again Hostelling International Finland for the HUUUUGE and yummy surprise presents! It was hard not to touch them before the first guests arrived...

Minna and a glass of wine = inseparable.
That's how Anna wants her sandwich!
Cakes getting ready by Mr. Ville himself.
Hat? Check. Whistle? Check. Party time!
More pics from the party itself tomorrow! Hangover is not the reason for publishing them so late :D

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