Monday, 14 November 2011

World premiere

Autumn has arrived to Tampere but it's always nice and warm here at the hostel :) We have put up a box for mittens, scarfs and other useful autumn/winter gear. If you have any spare ones, please bring them over or take something you need!

One of our new promo pics was published on LomaSuomi brochure, page 30 :) More exciting news coming soon!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

European Food Market @ Hämeenpuisto

Crêpes made by a man who doesn't even like them :D

Have you visited the European Food Market in Hämeenpuisto yet? If not, you should!
I promised to myself not to eat anything sweet for a while (a popular thing amongst girls at the hostel :D) but French and Italians came and ruined my plan! How can you resist fudges, pies, crêpes and fresh baguettes when they are smelling soooo good right under your nose? And not forgetting to mention cheese... *fainting* Stalls will be there until Wednesday, go and say something funny in French! :)

Monday, 26 September 2011


Mmm... Where have I seen this guy before..?

1920s in Tampere was a pretty awesome time. Jeans were already invented, and everybody were drinking coffee and cola. People gathered in the basements of Dream Hostel to share daily gossips.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Dream Studio in action!

"Hmm... what happens if I push this button..?"
What's going on here? You will find out reeeeally soon! :p

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Any Suomi-fans out there?

We have received quite many enquiries about Finland merchandise and now we have news for you Finnish fans! The autumn is already knocking on the door but there's no need to worry, you are in good hands! Our cool SUOMI stuff keeps you warm! Mittens, scarfs and hats on sale NOW!

Our top model Anna and the new must-have items!

Sunday, 4 September 2011


We had some lovely guests attenting to Tracon 2011, "a convention for role-playing game and anime/manga enthusiasts". It was held at Tampere-hall during the weekend, right next to the hostel.

Some dapper looking guests.
Anybody interested in coming to see Apocalyptica playing next week at Tampere-hall?! A special accommodation offer coming soon!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Restaurant Day

It's the second time Dream Hostel did something illegal! Last time we had crepes, this time the theme was "Hot dogs with a twist of Dream". It was so popular that even some of our former trainees had to run to the shops for new ingredients! 2hrs after the Dream Restaurant opened and 150 hot dogs later it was time to call it a day.

For more information: Ravintola Päivä (in Finnish) and the international version Restaurant Day.

Running to the shops for the third time.

Feels a bit like an autumn already...
Four last lonely sausages.
Laura, our lovely trainee had her last day yesterday!
The last hot dogs.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Moro from Tampere!

How do you recognise a hostel worker who has had her summer holidays already in May? She doesn't have any tan! You should see some of us, the colour difference is huuuuge! :D

The summer has been so busy at the hostel and the blog has been out of date for some time but we are back now! There are still many summer days left and we refuse to welcome autumn here yet, so book your holidays quickly and come to see us! Leave a lovely message like the one above to our cool new guestbook and we might even snap a photo of you with our brand new polaroid camera!
I love customer service, you never know who you are going to meet! When you both are a bit tired the conversations can be very entertaining as this example shows:

Customer: "Where do you use these keys for?"
Tinja: "For doors, usually".

Until next time, adios!

P.S. A new food update will follow quite soon... :p

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Vietnamese food night

We had a Vietnamese cuisine night the other day. Our wonderful chef Tapsa spoiled us with tasty treats from his homecountry. Who wants to cook on our next World Cuisine night? I heard there was interest all the way from England with their world famous dish, beans on toast.
Guessing the size of spring rolls
The End.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The best thing in our staff meetings is...


Did you know that  we have a very talented singer, actor, and one of the funniest guys in the world working at the hostel? Just go and see him wearing Speedos in a new musical comedy at Valkeakosken Kesäteatteri (Valkeakoski Summer Theatre), about 38kms from Tampere!
Our own celebrity, the one and only: Mikko!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Dream Team: Kamilla

Hello Kamilla! How did you end up working at the Dream Hostel?
I managed to convince our boss that I speak fifteen languages fluently, or was it nine or six?

I know you can speak at least 3! How do you spend your free time?
I've heard that word for sure… free… time… At least I'm not hanging around the hostel all the time… When I'm not at the hostel or university I'm probably sleeping.

What's the best thing about working at the hostel?  
There are always some small surprises waiting. Sometimes it's a 7kg box full of erotic...

Excuse me??
...EXOTIC candies from Pakistan, or a frozen cucumber that has formed a huge green icicle in the fridge. Not one day is similar!
Also the feeling of authority after managing to silence 20 screaming and shouting young men exactly at 24 o'clock just asking them politely to be quiet. Or the moment I find something to eat from the free food basket after noticing that I've forgotten my lunch home - again!

So, you will most likely see Kamilla scavenging the free food basket with a whip in her hand.
Have you got any tips for tourists where to visit in Tampere?
Don't take me wrong, I'm not that boring but visiting the Tampere Mineral Museum can be a real adventure. 

Where else one can find a rock that has water inside or seashells that look like genitals?!

I haven't seen them lying around the hostel... yet.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Summer Fun.

Joppe from Dream Hostel and a friend pimped their ride for ProvinssiRock! Have fun girls! We are waiting for you Joppe back at work on Monday morning 9am sharp :p

© halen
Tonight in Tampere is SYN/\PSI, and Dark Summer Meeting @ Klubi.

+ DJ's
Eiska (LWS vs. Wastefield)

I'll blog about ALL the summer happenings in Tampere next week, and let me tell you, there are lots of them! Hope you can come and join us at least in some of them :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Team Cinnamon Bun

Moro again!

After a month of hard holidaying I am back at reporting the hostel news! There seems to be so many changes (good ones) at the hostel I probably have to update the blog every day :D

Tuesday was The Official Cinnamon Bun Day. Our friends from OmaPolku came to help us out and made our day with delicious buns!

Can't wait for the next food related happening at the hostel! :p

Friday, 6 May 2011

It's Friday again!

Happenings for this sunny weekend!

Fri 6/5
The whole evening dedicated to Dolly Parton, blond hair and big tits!
DOLLYWOOD @ Kahvilla

The biggest music competition/festival for rising stars. Tampere finals tonight!

"Stylish grooves of techno / house / tech house"

Drum&bass / Dubstep / Techno
CLUB VOID @ Volume

Sat /75
Finnish popfolkrock

Funk / Soul / Disco / Reggae / Hip-Hop / Funky Breaks
ROLLOMATIC (that funky sh*t) @ YO-Talo

Monday, 2 May 2011


Hope everybody had a nice May Day aka Vappu! Did you taste the traditional Vappu food, munkki (doughnut) and sima (sparkling brew) or had Vappu brunch at park?

Kamilla with munkki!

If you feel like the long weekend was not enough for all the partying, there's no need to stop here! Futuristics presents Tuesday Dive every Tuesday!

Check out the event on Facebook!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Dream Team: Sara

Heyyyy, who are you?
I'm Sara, youngest of the regular bunch though still having an age crisis and turning 21 every year.

Sounds good :D And how did you end up working at the Dream Hostel?
I have been working at the hostel since day 1. I have heard that the only reason why I was employed at the first place was that Ville (the owner) found me that annoyingly persistent that he really didn't have a choice. ..Obviously all lies.

Obviously! What's the best thing about the hostel?

Mmmm...? Well I guess the fact that you can freely be yourself, have a giggle with our guests and help them with whatever is on their minds. Damn, you should see my google history! And the staff of course, our big lovable family. Great laughs!

Awwww, we are cute, aren't we? What are you doing in your freetime?
Most of the time you can find me from the hostel, especially when I am not on shift. Other than that I am just about to finish my degree at the University. Oh, and is it possible to be a travel addict? That would explain a lot. ..Or at least the balance of my bank account.

Tell me about it... What's your favourite place in Tampere?
Love to check out new places but Café Europa just has it all: great salads, massive toasts, djs every Saturday evening, comfy sofas, laid back atmosphere and happy hours during the week. What else could you possibly need?!

Free tea and coffee, I'd say! But off she goes to check her bank balance, our giggling Sara!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter dinner at the hostel

Lots of good food and nice people around, that's all we needed for a small Easter dinner party, organized together with CouchSurfing Tampere. Unfortunately I forgot my camera home, too many chocolate eggs I suppose :D

Menu Á la David

Spinach Soup with Boiled Eggs

Mozzarella & Cherry Tomato Quiche
Goat Cheese and Spinach Quiche
Mushroom Quiche
Reindeer and Mushroom Quiche

Lamb Roast

Carrot Cake

Friday, 22 April 2011

If you get an overdose of chocolate eggs...

Wow, where did the whole week go?? I will update the news from the hostel early next week, there's been a lot happening again! ;)
Don't know what to do during the long weekend? Here's something for everyone:
See Petra-Miisa live this weekend!

Fri 22/4
The star of the hostel, Mikko, is playing rock and pop classics tonight. A must see show!

Nice reggae for everyone

If you are not a fan of reggae, fill your ears with drum&bass
CUT @ Volume

Futuristics DJs at Good Friday Psytrance Experiment
ÔSTARÂ 1 @ Groove

Sat 23/4
Handicrafts, delicious food and BUNNIES!

International movie night
FUTURE SHORTS @ Kahvila Hertta

Futuristics Zombie DJs

Electro-indie-rock from Tampere!

Absolutely stunning woman with an amazing voice

Beautiful woman with a stunning voice

Friday, 15 April 2011

Get up, go out!

Sun is shining and tomorrow is going to be the hottest day this year so far! Let's hope it becomes a bit hotter than +14C in the summer :D There's a lot happening in Tampere this weekend and while you are waiting for the snow to melt away from the beaches why not to check these ones out:

Fri 15.4

Free admission every Friday at 3-6pm
Timi Lexikon @ Klubi

This is for old nerds who don't know anything about Wii or Xbox

English indie rock by
WHITE LIES @ Pakkahuone

Desert Planet, Timi Lexikon and The Friend
(check out the graduating exhibition of fine art students as well!)

"Stylish grooves of techno / house / tech house"

Liquid Drum&Bass
LITKU @ Volume

Sat 16.4

Design, handcrafts and artisanic handicraft
ART ORIENTEERING around the city

A musical mini trip around the world at the closing event of

Snakes, butterflies and all kinds of weird stuff opposite the hostel...
SNAKE EXHIBITION @ Tampere-talo (16.-25.4)

Cool disco tunes by DJ Disko Mutant, Sipitron, Tremont & Friends

Lots of hair wax, polka dots and rockabilly!

10-Year Anniversary of hypnotic rock, proge and experimental tunes
UFOROCK @ Telakka