Friday, 30 March 2012


I am one of the proud staff members at Dream Hostel who is very keen on Eco friendly things. So be warned, we are now doing our very best to brainwash everybody else.

Did you know that we recycle paper, cardboard, metal, glass, batteries and waste for energy? There are bins and drawers for guests to recycle their rubbish and we are happy to see that many of you are using them.

Trainee Tiina sending out a booking confirmation using smoke signals.
You may also cook a free meal for yourself from items left in free food baskets by fellow backpackers. Just remember to wash your dishes after use if your mother is not travelling with you. Washing up liquid is provided in a spray bottle to avoid over dosing and the dish brushes have replacement heads to reduce the rubbish. The amount of waste we are producing is getting smaller and smaller!

Free pasta, bread and cereals in the basket, are you hungry?
The next thing we are planning on experimenting with is cleaning the whole hostel with a baking soda, vinegar and other powerful and natural cleaning products from our own kitchen for a week!

Earth Hour is here tomorrow and we are going to turn off the lights right in the middle of the 2-year anniversary party. Find your way to the punch bowl in the dark!

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