Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Winter wonderland

Hello there! The blog is back after few months of holidays! Who knew in November we would actually have a proper winter this year... But here it is! -20 degrees in Tampere today! Keep yourself wrapped up in warm clothes people!

There are lots of winter activities available in Tampere. Cross-country skiing is a very popular sport amongst those who didn't get traumatised by it at the comprehensive school. 
Ice skating looks so classy and easy on telly that you must try your own spirals but without mini skirts. You will only get frostbites, not applauses!
If you are crazy enough (you were already when you booked your tickets!) you are not a true Finn without dipping into an ice cold lake. We know you will love it altho we prefer to stay in a hot sauna :p

 There are still few Suomi scarfs, mittens and beanies left to purchase if you forgot to bring yours with you. They are great souveniers as well!

Viinikanpuisto in Nekala.
Whether you want to catch your own lunch by fishing through the ice, enjoy the sunshine in -30 degrees while ice skating or spend hours in the forest trying to figure out how to cross-country ski, just let us know while you are here/before arrival. Professional outdoor guides will take a good care of you :)

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