Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sunday is for...

...super cleaning and sauna!

With the help of some beer and pizza we scrubbed all the toilets and showers (with toothbrushes), waxed the floor and wiped off the dust. The dirty work finally paid off and rest of the night was spent in the sauna with an amazing view over the city! A few pics of the cleaning progress were posted on our Facebook page :)

Ville is a big celebrity now here in Finland! Paparazzi everywhere and
guests asking for his autograph all the time!
As mentioned in a previous post, Dream Hostel was featured on Sisustusmatkalla Minnan kanssa - a Finnish design and travel show hosted by Minna Lindberg. If you missed the episode, check it out on Liv.


  1. WOOOO, VILLE!! heruiskohan siltä nimmaria mullekkin? (8

  2. Kuvallisella fanikortilla tietenkin! :D