Saturday, 26 March 2011


Where did the spring go?? Someone obviously thought we hadn't had enough snow, so hey, let 'em have a little bit longer to enjoy this winter! Grrr...

Our lovely trainee Mari loves gardening :)

Luckily, we have our own 'Garden of Eden' at the hostel! The chillies are growing fast and now we have basil and green salad growing as well. Can't wait to cook some really delicious food with our fresh basil, mmmm... I'm sure our Italian guests will appreciate the fresh herbs.

Talking about Italians; Ryanair announced three new routes from Tampere to Italy quite recently and the lucky cities are Pisa, Rome and Trapani! We hope to make many new friends and maybe even have a house full of Italians again this summer :D And there's no worries about communication problems as we are pretty fluent in Italian already: "Ciao! Ti amo. Vaff......". Mm... maybe there's room for improvement! :p

We are looking forward to doing a massive deep cleaning project on Sunday and relax at sauna after all the hard work. There's also going to be a show on the telly that might interest you all: Sisustusmatkalla Minnan kanssa featuring Dream Hostel on Liv TV tomorrow evening at 9! If you miss the episode or you are living abroad you can check it out later on Liv.


  1. ...if you guys want to learn to cook some pretty good meal.....just come in Italy...
    ...."ciao" and "vaff." are good enough to comunicate with us.......

  2. Maybe you should come back to Tampere to teach us! :D