Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Dream Team: Kamilla

Hello Kamilla! How did you end up working at the Dream Hostel?
I managed to convince our boss that I speak fifteen languages fluently, or was it nine or six?

I know you can speak at least 3! How do you spend your free time?
I've heard that word for sure… free… time… At least I'm not hanging around the hostel all the time… When I'm not at the hostel or university I'm probably sleeping.

What's the best thing about working at the hostel?  
There are always some small surprises waiting. Sometimes it's a 7kg box full of erotic...

Excuse me??
...EXOTIC candies from Pakistan, or a frozen cucumber that has formed a huge green icicle in the fridge. Not one day is similar!
Also the feeling of authority after managing to silence 20 screaming and shouting young men exactly at 24 o'clock just asking them politely to be quiet. Or the moment I find something to eat from the free food basket after noticing that I've forgotten my lunch home - again!

So, you will most likely see Kamilla scavenging the free food basket with a whip in her hand.
Have you got any tips for tourists where to visit in Tampere?
Don't take me wrong, I'm not that boring but visiting the Tampere Mineral Museum can be a real adventure. 

Where else one can find a rock that has water inside or seashells that look like genitals?!

I haven't seen them lying around the hostel... yet.

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  1. Tampere Mineral Museum? vau, kuulostaa ihanalta :)