Saturday, 15 September 2012

Monsters of Pop

Regina was there last year, beautiful beautiful beautiful.
Beautiful girls and fashionable boys are all going to be in one place (actually in three different venues) again this year when Monsters of Pop indiepoprock festival hits the city. There are few bands playing here all the way from Malaysia and Indonesia, wow! Check out the schedule and venues on their website.

If you are coming from outside Tampere to see your favourite bands, or too lazy to go home after a good night out, we are only 2mins walk away from Klubi and Telakka! Type in code "mop2012" at our website to get a 10% discount off all rooms. There are also great deals for rest of the month! 
"And I just cleaned up here..."
Be aware that DH staff are going to be in Telakka on the first night after washing away busy summer season at Kasari sauna. You too will have a chance to wash your worries and "travel sweat" away soon (shh... it's still a secret...)!

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