Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dream Guest: Quentin Keijo Juho-Kaapo Partanen

Keijo enjoying a drink at Kahvilla.
 Hello there handsome! May I ask who are you?
Some might say I'm a guide in Lapland, others believe I'm a famous singer coming to Tampere time to time for a gig... I would say I'm Quentin Keijo Juho-Kaapo Partanen (or wish this was my real name).

Would it be too rude to ask your age?
I'm 36 according to my colleagues, 89 according to a website calculating mental age, 22 according to the years I've been living so far.

You are almost as old as Santa then! Why did you come to the Dream Hostel?
I was looking for a job in Finland and I needed a place to stay! I found this place randomly on internet and as the comments were quite good, I decided to give it a try. I stayed for almost one month. Usually it's not allowed but my level of gentlemanness allowed me to stay that long.

What's the best thing about the Hostel?
First, the receptionists were always helpful, nice and smiling. Sometimes they even make you a tea and toast but this is extremely rare so don't complain if it doesn't happen to you. They can also give you good tips about travelling, and sell you chocolate if you are too lazy to walk 50 meters to the nearest shop.

I bet you were using our Mini Market quite often...
The kitchen is big and very well equipped altho I didn't use it much, I hate to admit!

Ha, told you! Any other good things?
Beds are nice and sheets are clean. You feel like a baby in an ocean of fresh flowers surrounding you.

Sounds awesome, why would you ever want to leave this place??
Well, when i'm not in Dream Hostel, I'm just in my flat missing it... In fact I'm still guiding in Lapland and after that I'm going to south of France to my parents place. I don't have many plans for the future but wait and see. In France I will probably meet my friends and have an easy life but I'll miss the hostel and no doubt I'll come back there, I even have made some friends there now!

What's your favourite place in Tampere?
Showtime of course! Youhouu, no, I'm kidding! It's a bit too expensive for me! I think my favorite place is Cafe Europa. It is a very weird place but you always find someone to talk to and it's usually a young, newly educated girl and you can even eat delicious muffins. Otherwise you can always try to go to all the bars in Hämeenkatu. If you visit Fat Lady nightclub, don't forget to ask for two scarves I lost there, kiitos!

Thank you Keijo Juho-Kaapo Partanen for your time! By the way ladies, this guy is still single, so save him from France!


  1. This dude sounds awesome

    1. Quentin, stop flattering yourself! :p

    2. how did you notice??